Seductive Tranny Camila Gets a Sloppy Cum Facial

From Glazed Trannys

Starring Camila Mattoli, Paulo Marchy

Tags Anal Licking, Anal Sex, Ass To Mouth, Blowjobs, Cum on Stomach, Facial Cumshots, Guys on Trannys

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Added November 04 2011

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Paulo Marks is in for one heck of a surprise, and not because Camila Mattoli is packing a wang in her panties! This Tranny trollop knows what Paulo wants, and she's ready to provide it all. Once she's naked with her buff boy-toy she chows down on his massive dick, and bends over to let him do whatever he wants to her sweet Latina ass! He rims her for a bit before ramming his big hard rod deep inside her, doggy-style. He pushes her over to some side-straddle action, and has her ride him any way she can before blowing his load all over her face!

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