Hot Tranny Cop Shu Gets Right To Sucking Cock

From Asian Tranny Police

Starring Shu

Tags Anal Sex, Blowjobs, Cum on Hands, Guys on Trannys

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Added October 01 2011

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Hot-as-fuck shemale Shu wastes no time getting right down to brass tacks. She strips her perp down to his birthday suit and immediately stuffs his penis down her throat. James sighs and tries to keep up with Shu's insatiable lust. But James wants to get a taste of her taboo cock in her mouth, and gets it too. When it's time to fuck, James can't get her clothes off fast enough! Finally, still wearing her sexy fishnet stockings, Shu lowers her pretty ass right on top of James' fuck stick and screams as that cock pounds her out like a jackhammer from hell!

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